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Blogger Spotlight : Nadja Seale

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The one thing that starting FMZ has allowed me to do is find fresh fashion faces and brands. To be honest the best thing about this is finding the start up independent brands and people who create simply because they want to. It's inspiring and it motivates me. Now if you don't know where to start and you are looking for something as specific as a blogger or fashionista from your country then LOOKBOOKNU is your place.  I was looking for fresh faces to spotlight when I found Nadja. What I loved about her is:

  •  She was the top scorer for South Africa. This basically means she had the most fans and hypes.
  •  I love love the whimsical feel to her photography and styling. 
  • The fact that she loves vintage was an added bonus for me. 
Without further ado. Meet Nadja Seale.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nadja, it is Russian for “hope” and I like to consider myself as an entity with a fair amount of optimism, which might be a branch of hope. I am 28 years young and work as a make-up artist, stylist, ceramic artist, owner/seller of a vintage range called Vintage Vices and I can also put in there, chef. I grew up in a small town in South Africa called Witbank. Apparently where I stay now, it is pretty bad for your “image” to voice that fact, but I like [my] humble beginnings. I studied to become a chef because I like how it combines something that you do everyday (i.e. eating) with art. After that, I studied make-up and prosthetics and started working with a creative agency in South Africa that gave me the opportunity to work for magazines like Elle, Oprah, Fairlady and a few local ones

Please tell us about your blog?

My blog is a visual diary of my everyday feelings, emotions and events that means something to me. I try to combine spirituality with it in an honest manner. It covers basically all of my shortcomings and victories in life. Sometimes I like to talk about fashion but many times the depth of just the physical is a bit dismal

What does fashion mean to you?

In all honestly I don’t always know what fashion is. I look at things that are pretty to me and represents my personality. So I guess I would say fashion is a non-verbal way of communicating with the world and expressing own unique personality, as cliché as it might sound

How would you describe your style?

Earthy, maybe boho …then sometimes I wake up and like grunge..vintage ..I guess I mix it all up to my mood of the day

What inspired you to start blogging?

My everyday life and the fact that it stimulates you so much creatively. Psychosocially it is good to express yourself in written words. In my case it helps my brain to stop and think about my words.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a blog?

Be diligent and do it for yourself. Don’t blog with an intention to copy another person do it with your creativity and personality

Do you have any fashion icons?

I really like Steven Tyler’s style. He is pretty bohemian for a guy and makes his clothing work for him. And then I have always loved Katherine Hepburn’s style. She is classic without looking too conservative.

Why should people follow your blog?

mmm… hard question… maybe because I go through daily situations that I write about that people could relate to.

Aside from your blog are you involved in other fashion related projects?

Yes I have a vintage/new clothing range called Vintage Vices and then I work as a freelance stylist and make-up artist for media 24 for various magazines.

 Well I certainly enjoyed getting to know Nadja. I can definitely see the Steve Taylor and Katherine Hepburn influences in her style and I love that she is such a creative soul.

Our aim with fashion maverickz is to give Southern African fashion a voice and to take pride in what we already possess as Southern Africans. I leave you with this today, Challenge yourself creatively. Yes we can't all be designers or bloggers but there are so many other things we can get involved in. Creativity is the future.

Love and Light


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