Friday, 11 April 2014

Car coats today

hello beautiful people!!!

While getting my daily dose of fashion on Polyvore, I came across a trend list, which just completely drove my fashion senses wild. On the list were; lace sweatshirts, Bermuda shorts, mint jeans and car coats just to name a few. My first instinct was to create a bold set with Bermuda shorts and something colorful, just then, I realized that in all my 20 years of living I had never read or heard the term, “car coat.” Well, all that was about to change instantly thanks to Google to my considerably good research skills. I bet there is a significant number of people who do not know about car coats and there origination. Therefore, here is a little education in fashion to show off to your friends on Saturday afternoon over lunch.

I can say car coats are traced back to the 1950s (correct me if I am wrong); they were initially designed for driving in open cars, which could get frosty in the nightfall or at high rates of speed. They have an elegant flamboyance to them, car coats are not just designed for open rides, they can be worn in various contexts, which make them an asset to have in the wardrobe.

So back to the present, I decided to try out my trendsetting skills (just a beginner) by styling two sets with distinct car coats.
which would you prefer?
I think I fancy number three, the edginess of it is very eye catching in my opinion.
1.  Biba coat, skinny leg jeans, jimmy Choo ankle strap sandals, Givenchy black leather handbag, Henri Bendel beaded earrings.

2. Topshop crop shirt, veronica beard coat, Jane Norman white mini skirt, ankle strap shoes, Christian Louboutin leather shoulder bag.

3. long sleeve shirt, jigsaw car coat, high- waisted denim short, DV by Dolce vita black boots

xx sungwe xx


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