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Hair week Spotlight: Ronnel Innes

To end our hair week, we wanted to get input from some of our readers, to find out how they maintain their hair. We asked a few of our Twitter followers this question and we had amazing responses. One response stood out from a young lady by the name of Ronnel Innes (@lr_innes). We decided to ask her for a full blog interview and get a bit more detail about her and her hair.

This was the interview with Ronnel.

What is your hair philosophy?

I'm no hair fanatic but I always ensure that any hair style I do is UNIQUE,CLASSY & SIMPLE. I love curls, this is a given. I try by all means to maintain a simple look cause of the work I do. A woman's hair says a lot about you as a person. People somehow obtain some impression of you simply by looking at your hair. I'm a dark-skin girl, so I hardly experiment with colours. Black hair is life to me. What some women fail to understand is that your hair is basically everything. We don't care how great-looking you are or how dope your "swag" is, if your hair is untidy or always in a mess, you end up looking like a mess yourself. Also, I believe certain looks are for certain people and they look great but as a woman you need to find the look that suits you & stick with that. Trends aren't for everyone, so LADIES DO YOU,BE YOUR OWN TREND. I dig creative hairstyles but different strokes are for different folks.

Describe your hair.

My natural hair is long. I happen to have good texture hair and it is oddly pitch-black. No strand of brown or grey, just black. This concerned me and stopped me from trying any other colours. My hair confuses me at times; it’s naturally curly as an afro but by simply combing it out, it straightens. Odd, I know. I cut it every time before braiding it or doing a weave, after a month of that hairstyle it is back to its normal length. I treat my natural hair carefully but I must confess, I SIMPLY DESPISE rocking it. I try by all means to have it braided or weaved up. It’s a mission to maintain and so much admin every morning but I'm thankful for it. I like long hairstyles cause of my natural hair being long. I never had short hair,I fear that. But maybe, someday I might just try it out.

Who/what is your hair inspiration?

I don't have anyone in particular that inspires me but I enjoy the simplicity of Queen Latifah's hair. I find it appropriate for what I do and how I dress. My latest obsession is Gabriel Union's hair, it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and yet again simple. But on a regular basis I interact with working woman & I usually take note of their hair. Always neat and appropriate for their work. Solange Knowles has had a few moments of inspiration too, for me, in terms of curls. I'm a sucker for curly hair. That's my weakness.

What is your favourite hairstyle?

LOL.  As I've been saying, CURLY HAIR. Whatever curly, is for me. But it must be long with lots of volume. I'm currently rocking a brazilian wavy weave and it is doing wonders for me. I really dig it.

Any winter hair tips?

Girls must remember, especially coarse hair, that in winter hair sheds easily. The safest way to play it, is too braid your hair always. In high school, I only and strictly did braids. Girls must be careful with their hairline & avoid the long heavy braids. But the advantage of it, it makes your hair grow insanely hey. If one chooses to rock their natural hair, I would strongly advise you to ensure you do treatment at least every 2-3 weeks. That will make your hair healthy and prevent the unnecessary shedding. I believe that if you have natural hair, YOU MUST ALWAYS wear a doek when you sleep. You will find that your hair sheds uncontrollably in winter without one. Never let your scalp get dry, that causes dandruff and unhealthy hair.

Recommended products:

Dark & Lovely Moisturizer
Tresemme shampoo & conditioner.

Works like a charm for me.

So that is it for the week! Thank you so much for the contribution you all have made to our hair week! We loved every minute of it. Special thank you to Ronnel for taking time to participate in this. We appreciate it! 

Next week we have another fun theme for you all! Follow us on Twitter @fashionmavericz to find out what it is!

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