Thursday, 14 August 2014

K'amba designs by Chikondi Mwanza

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Fashion in southern Africa is growing day by day with new designers emerging onto the scenes and giving us amazing clothes to drool over. This week, K’amba designs by Chikondi Mwanza made our list and we just had to share this amazing designer with you.
It is not less than three months ago that Chikondi Mwanza, 21-year-old fashion designer of k’amba designs came onto the Zambian fashion scene. Paving her way with garments such as the half blazer dress that was showcased at the vitenge Ni vatu fashion show in Lusaka, on the 27th of June

 The vitenge Ni vatu fashion show is where k’amba designs was first debuted and immediately caught attention with an article to follow in the Lusaka daily newspaper which featured the young designer. 

The name k’amba which means talk in a Zambian local language is as a result of chikondi’s belief in the concept that clothes should speak louder than words and that’s exactly what her design aesthetic is all about. Incorporating sophistication, glamour and funk into each outfit to give to it a unique voice.  
Other than the Vitenge Ni vatu fashion show, k’amba designs were also showcased at the Tionge fashion show in Lusaka on the 18th of July and also featured in the afro centric category of the miss intellect pageant in Lusaka on the 1st of august.

K'amba design
Chikondi in K'amba peplum top
Chikondi Mwanza

model in K'amba design


To connect with Chikondi and K’amba designs, follow her on Twitter  @chikotaraji and Facebook
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