Monday, 27 April 2015

Bloggers We Love : Claudia Santos

Hello fmz family.

Fistly I would like to say thank you for following us on our journey. We see that the fashion Maverickz family is growing and you guys really seem to love the fashion blogger posts :D.

Today our eyes are on Angola. Claudia Santos is a fashion blogger and Image consultant from Angola. I discovered Claudia on Instagram ( the power of the gram). Her blog and her fashion pages make me wish I could speak Portuguese. Her photography is on point and she knows what works for her body.

Claudia's style incorporates androgynous elements with splashes of femininity and chicness. Claudia can go from tomboy esq to flaming vixen ( and you will see all of this in her pictures below) We love her versatility. This woman knows how to layer. If you want to learn how to put an outfit together than be sure to check out her social media below.

You can find Claudia on :

Instagram: @csclaudiasantos

If you love fashion. Then I will encourage you to do something about it. Create something. Share your eye for detail. Whether you decide to become a blogger, stylist, fashion designer you name it there are so many elements to fashion. 

You never know who you could inspire or what you can create. We share these lovely bloggers and their style because we want you to see that Southern Africa has got it. We can produce excellence.  There are ordinary people out the deciding to create opportunities for themselves just like anybody else can.

Start where you are with what you have

Love and Light



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