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Blogger Spotlight : Lubunga

Hello lovelies

Part of our initiative is to showcase all you lovely fashionistas out there. So today we will be taking you to Zambia to see what's up.

Lubunga is the name of the lovely blogger we will be looking at today her blog http://kusefashiondiary.blogspot.cz/ is refreshing and full of original and awesome ideas. This lady sure knows how to rock that natural hair like no body's business. She is effortlessly stylish and is the go to lady on how to wear a turban. I have dubbed her the Queen of sunnies which she says is her ultimate accessory. She also know a thing or two about handbags ( Zara we see you ) and  hair ( if we are ever in Zambia we know who to call).

Anywho we will let you guys fall in love with her for yourselves. Check it out:

Name ?

Lubunga lucindi Chawelwa

Tell us about your blog?

First and foremost thank you for including me in this project. The name of my blog is Kusefashiondiary.

How would you describe your style?
I love diversity, and colour. I have no idea if that describes style. I am slowly trying to ease some minimalism into my style, but will see where that leads to. In short I am still trying to find and define my style.

Let me try to be more specific, I am one never to leave the house without a pair of sunnies, after sunnies earrings are my favourite accessory. I think less is more, besides you do not need all those accessories in one outfit, watch, chains, earrings, sunglasses, handbag, hat. Most often than not, a little really does go a long way.

What made you start your blog?

This is a tough one. The goal is to eventually turn the blog into an online magazine of sorts or even a printed one for that matter. I love fashion, and I want what I wear to be documented and shared with the world. Even though I do not blog as often as I would love to, it certainly gives me pleasure to share whenever I can. I am very patriotic at heart and I love sharing about my mother land, Zambia and I have found that writing is very enjoyable. I truly become me whenever I blog.

Blogging to me is like a diary, but in this case instead of only words it contains pictures as well.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a blog?

Go on right ahead. Be warned it is harder than it seems. A lot of effort and care has to be put in, if you want a successful blog. Also it must be something you really want to do, otherwise you will just be wasting your precious time. Do your homework, research online for other blogs similar to what you would like to do for some inspiration. Do not be discouraged, all great blogs out there had a humble beginning.

Do you have any fashion icons? ( please elaborate if you do)

My aunt Esther (my mum’s young sister) was my first fashion icon. She had the most amazing outfits, her jewellery and her hair were always on point. She is one of the first few people I saw jumbo/box braids on, and boy did she style them so beautifully.

Victoria Beckham is another of my icons, are style is timeless and she always dresses to impress. In other words her style is impeccable. She always looked polished and that is my favourite thing about her.

Rihanna has great style, I love her mostly for her hair styles.

How often do you shop?

Truth be told I shop a lot, I am actually working on the fact that I need to take it easy on shopping. Off topic I would love to shop on behalf of people who are too busy to do it themselves (LOL).

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I have no specific favourite place to shop. But I love shopping at malls, because there is such a variety of shops and items available. Flea markets and second hand/vintage shops are places I frequent. You will often find unique and or designer items for a serious bargain in such places.

Why should people follow your blog?
My blog is a work in progress. People should follow my blog for a number of reasons, to be fashionably informed on fashion matters, hair and beauty. To discover how beautiful this other side of the world, also as a platform to exchange ideas. Etc

Eventually will also focus on food, health and nutrition, fitness and other matters.

As always stay blessed.

That was awesome :). We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did. 
Remember to check out Lubunga's blog for her awesome updates and like her page on Facebook.

Until next time lovelies. We would love to thank Lubunga for allowing us to interview her and sharing her world with us. 

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