Monday, 1 July 2013

Blogger Spotlight : Leanne

Hello Lovelies

So In true SAFB spirit we bring you another fabulous blogger. Leanne from South Africa. We stumbled on her blog by mistake and haven't looked back since. This lady is chic, elegant, quirky and her blog just leaves you wanting more.  We love it and suggest that you follow her blog here

She is a lover of Zara just like us and she has taught as a few things today. We discovered the blond salad and some useful blogging and shopping tips.  We would love to say a big thank you to Leanne. for taking part in our blogger spotlight. You guys please remember to check out her blog
We hope you fall in love with her just as much as we did. Here is what Leanne had to say: 

Leanne Christine

Tell us about your blog
Arum Lilea, my blog, is my creative expression.  I write about my personal style and travel adventures.  I love playing with styles and creating new looks with the clothes I already own.  I also love to explore the world, different languages and cultures so by incorporating both loves into my blog I’ve married my two greatest interests.

How would you describe your style?
My style varies.  Generally I opt for a preppy-chic look as I’m drawn to collars and structured tailoring but there are days where I change it up and might come across a little more Boho. 

What made you start your blog
My sister and my best friend introduced me to their favourite blogs and I began to follow them too.  One day I decided I’d try my hand at this blogging thing and it just grew from there.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a blog?
Go for it!  It’s so much fun to try something new.  If you’re wondering whether you should, just take the leap and dive right in.

Do you have any fashion icons? ( please elaborate if you do)
My sister is most definitely my first and foremost fashion icon.  That girl’s got style! She makes the odd appearance on Arum Lilea so keep a look out for her.  I also love to see what Olivia Palermo, the Blonde Salad and the Pink Peonies are wearing.

How often do you shop ?
I probably shop about once a week.  I might not buy anything but I like to see what’s in store.  

Where is your favourite place to shop?
I love Zara and Mr Price.      

Why should people follow your blog?
I really don’t take myself too seriously which people might find entertaining.  For the most part I’d like to inspire people to play with clothes in their wardrobes as opposed to making them want to hit the stores and spend fortunes.  I like to make simple suggestions to transform an outfit into something special and I think my tips are pretty useful for anyone to try.



  1. Thank you so much for this delightful feature. You're so sweet! I'm glad I introduced you to the Blonde Salad!


    1. Thanks for being so lovely and agreeing to take part. :)


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